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China Business Tour

China Business Tour

Welcome to the awesome China Business Tour 2018. China: It’s an amazing country filled with ancient history, beautiful buildings, and world-famous sites. Oh, and lots of Shopping!

Tour Information

Dates: 14th to 24th September 2018 (11-day package – 2nd edition)
Price: KES 160,000/= per person
Deposit required: KES 80,000/=

To book, please call us on +254 721 955 202
Email: info@greenrangersafaris.com
Tested and Proven!

Package covers:

1.) Return flight from Nairobi
2.) Visa and processing
3.) Accommodation at Dong yue Hotel – bed and breakfast
4.) Airport to hotel transfer
5.) Hotel to airport transfer
6.) Foshan shopping
7.) Guangzhou shopping
8.) Local guide
9.) Transport in China while shopping

Markets – wholesale and retail:

1.) Beauty markets
2.) Hardware markets
3.) Construction markets
4.) Furniture markets
5.) Handbags markets
6.) Shoe markets
7.) Clothing markets
8.) Electronics
9.) Phones and accessories
10.) Interiors finishing and many more great markets!

With so many people coming to China for Shopping, it is a guaranteed investment and consequently better profits for you. There are a number of large shopping malls offering all kinds of items – wholesale and retail.

Guangdong Province is China’s greatest center for commodities manufacturing. In Guangzhou, inexpensive electronics, clothing, computers, and thousands of other products are on sale in the huge markets and thousands of shops.

Foshan has excellent Ceramics and furniture markets. Moreover, they have amazing varieties and organization of showrooms.

With so many options available, shopping can be time-consuming, confusing, and exhausting: However, our tour guide in China will help you! We will make your shopping in China very easy and offer timely advice!

Dong Yue Hotel:

Dongyue hotel is a Four-Star in accordance with international standards for the construction of the foreign business hotel, belonging to the Dongyue diet group co., Ltd., a member of the internationally-prestigious brand of Swiss watches, the Group has a huge management services team and rich team service experience, also included is the famous garden, restaurant, dongyue NanPanShu restaurant, Guangzhou restaurant, bucket gourmet, and so on.

Scenic Places To Visit:

Canton Tower: Tallest building in Guangzhou.
Museum Tour
Hike the Bayuin Mountain
Cruise Ship on Pearl River
And many others!

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